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Words from Past Clients

Anna Bishop, Google Reviews

I recently had the pleasure of working with Bee Inspired Staging, a prominent staging company based in Memphis, TN. As a realtor, I have relied on their expertise to stage many homes that I have listed, and I must say, their services have exceeded my expectations.

Most recently, I listed a vacant home that was struggling to attract any offers. Knowing the potential impact of staging, and with the suggestion from my clients, I suggested we bring in Bee I soured Staging. From the moment Adrienne stepped foot in the property, her keen eye for design and attention to detail was evident.

Within a short span of time, Adrienne transformed the vacant house into an inviting and captivating space. The addition of carefully selected furniture, tasteful décor, and strategic placement of accessories breathed life into the property, creating an atmosphere that potential buyers could envision as their own. The transformation was truly remarkable, and even I was taken aback by the positive impact her staging had on the home.

The results were nothing short of spectacular. Following the staging process, the home attracted a flurry of interest, and within mere days, we were under contract.

What sets Bee Inspired Staging apart is not only their exceptional talent in design, but also their efficiency and professionalism. Adrienne worked diligently to meet our tight deadline, (she literally staged it one day after I reached out to her), going above and beyond to ensure each space was expertly curated. Her professionalism and dedication to her craft are truly admirable.

I would highly recommend Bee Inspired Staging to any realtor or homeowner looking to showcase their property in the best light possible. Their ability to transform vacant spaces into warm and inviting homes is unmatched, and their quick results speak volumes about the quality of their services. With Bee Inspired Staging by your side, you can trust that your listings will shine, attracting potential buyers and increasing your chances of a successful sale.

Congratulations on your success, Adrienne! I look forward to our continued her partnership!

Lee Pittman, Google Reviews

Adrienne is so talented and easy to work with. Her staging left me with the regret of not having her design our space when we were actually living there. Needless to say, I was very satisfied.

Laura Brode Sherman, River City Land Co.

Bee Inspired Staging is hands down the best home staging company in the Memphis area! Adrienne Marchant is talented and has overwhelming creativity. Her inspiration and staging knowledge helps my listings sell quickly and at the highest price. I'm lucky to have Adrienne as part of my team. If you want your home to sell quickly, add Bee Inspired Staging LLC today!

Alix Harte, KAIZEN Realty

Adrienne and her team brought my listing to life! Her staging helped buyers envision the potential of the home. It was a vacant gem of a property, but buyers didn't seem to "get it." Then entered Adrienne! She understood the vision. Her creativity, professionalism, and the staging got my listing under contract within 10 days after staging. Everything about the process was seamless. I highly recommend Bee Inspired Staging!

Sharon Kimberlin Fleming, Facebook Recommendation

I highly recommend Bee Inspired Staging. Adrienne came in and de-cluttered our home and created vignettes to focus on our most valued possessions. Each room was staged where perspective buyers could envision themselves. Our room sold in one day and above list price!! That would not have happened without Adrienne Marchant of Bee Inspired Staging and Laurie McBride of Hobson Realtors.

Eric Bell, Facebook Recommendation

We used Bee Inspired Staging to stage a home in Germantown. They did a fantastic job making the space look great and it definitely helped the home sell. I recommend them to anyone needing staging.

Alex Turner, Hobson Realtors

I had the most wonderful experience working with Bee Inspired Staging! From start to finish, they impressed me with their exceptional service and unmatched talent. I recently listed a unique lake house, and I knew that staging was crucial to make it stand out in this competitive market. After hearing glowing recommendations from friends, I decided to give Bee Inspired Staging, a try. I'm so glad I did!

The staging process was smooth and efficient. They transformed the empty home into magazine-worthy space! The choice of furniture, decor, and color schemes perfectly complemented each room, creating an inviting atmosphere that potential buyers would undoubtedly love.

What sets Bee Inspired Staging apart is their genuine care and commitment to their clients. They went above and beyond to ensure that I was delighted with the final result. Their friendly and professional demeanor made the whole process enjoyable.

I highly recommend Bee Inspired Staging to anyone looking to sell their home or just wanting to refresh their living spaces. Thank you, Bee Inspired Staging for making this gorgeous lake house look truly inspiring.

Cindy Diane Roberts - COO, Amazing Real Estate LLC

We of Amazing Real Estate have hired Bee Inspired Staging to furnish and accessorize 7 of our homes, the results were INCREDIBLE. Many of our listings sold within days and for above list price. We highly recommend Bee Inspired Staging to make your home have a quick & successful sale. We give her 10 stars!!

Five Stars Rating.I01.2k.png

Venus Miller, Google

Five Stars Rating.I01.2k.png

Lesia Harris, Google

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