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Hi Jacque and Cindy, 

I hope you and your families have been enjoying a warm and festive Christmas! 
I want to let you know just how much I appreciate the creative, efficient, thoughtful holiday decorating services that you provided to my sister and her family last Wednesday. You both truly were angels-- or perhaps fairy god-mothers-- who swooped in and seemed to wave your magic wands and turn the Goff family's home into a sparkling, sweet smelling, delightful place for them to spend Christmas! You transformed their home and their spirits-- the week earlier things had seemed so bleak and worrisome, and after your visit everything seemed hopeful and bright! 
Personally, you provided me with an amazing gift-- through you I felt like I was able to help my sister from 2000 miles away. It's difficult to express just how this helped me cope with my own worries about my sister, brother-in-law and nephew, and help me feel able to enjoy my own Christmas here in California with my own young family. What a gift! 
My sister and Ken really enjoyed meeting you both and felt so comfortable with you both and Cindy's father. My sister says that when her son, Ronan, came home and saw the tree he was astounded and completely delighted by the surprise! 
I know this was an unusual situation, but if you would like me to write a review/testimonial about your services for your website, I would be happy to do so. You are also welcome to excerpt anything from this email as well for your marketing purposes. 
I wish you all the very, very best in the coming year. Thank you again. 
Monika Eckfield

Monika Eckfield

We wanted to thank you for the great service, quality furniture, accessories, and personal decorating touches that helped us get an offer on River View in 13 days! Although it was already in great condition, it felt empty. The staging made all the difference in the world! You enhanced the space and made the most of its great features.

We believe your eye for details, unique ideas, and creativity really changed the look of home, making it stand out from all of the other homes on the market in the area. We are recommending you to anyone who is putting their home on the market…and we will definitely use you on our next project. You are an asset to our business, and we would not consider selling another home without your help.

Jeff & Teresa Hink White Pickett Fence Ventures, LLC

My East Memphis house was on the market for two years. After Cindy and Jacque staged it, the comments went from very negative to very positive. Two months later we accepted an offer. My staging required more than furniture. They advised us that potential buyers could not envision my den as the third bedroom it needed to be. I followed their advice and pulled out an old-fashioned wet bar and made it a closet, and closed off a connecting kitchen doorway and made it a pantry. But these were not heavy expenses and were quickly done. I could not bring myself to paint the dark paneling, but I let them paint some exposed brick and that brightened the house quite a bit.

Cindy's and Jacque’s furniture staging was a surprise: a witty, even humorous eclectic look with some color and a strong dollop of mid-century modern. When I saw it, I sat in the big, decorative swing seat they installed in the sunroom and laughed. The house was so different. Cozy. Youthful. Inviting. It was designed to appeal to a young, contemporary family, and that’s exactly who is buying the house. Cindy and Jacque are pleasant to work with, they know their business, and you can trust them to take care of your house. I confidently recommend them.

Barbara Bradley
Here's to Bee Inspired Staging for transforming our charity food court booth into a show piece! What lil busy bee's you were, "buzzing" in & out in no time flat and getting the job done in such a short time slot! Thanks for all your work, everyone loved it!
Ashley S. Fryers
What a treat to have Bee Inspired Staging to come into our home for the holidays and decorate! It was so incredible to walk in a few hours later & have everything look like something out of a magazine. It took so much stress out of my life. I want to do this for all of our holidays! Thank you so much for making our home magical during the holidays...
Amy B.
It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Bee Inspired Staging. These ladies are some of the most talented individuals I have encountered. I hired Bee Inspired Staging in 2013 to restyle different rooms in my home. The results were absolutely charming! They have an incredible sense for achieving tranquilizing designing principals with ease. The persistence and dedication they apply with all of their work is immediately apparent.
T. Adams

Thanks again for the awesome job that you guys did. All of the realtors gave feedbacks that the house showed beautifully. I know we did some major remodeling, but I think your staging was the icing on the cake. :-)
Ericka R.